Faith Community Church in Pakistan:

                                               In May 2020, Faith Community Church embarked upon a 

                                               new ministry opportunity -- to support Shumaila Yousaf

                                               and her ministry team in Okara, Pakistan bring the gospel 

                                               message of Jesus Christ to children in the village of 11-4L. 

                                               This ministry began through the support of the late David

                                               Balistreri. It was in his heart to provide the children of

                                               Pakistan with the gospel and food. We have created a fund                                                in David's memory to support missions in Pakistan. More                                                    than a monthly Sunday School program, Shumaila also

                                               provides them with a hot meal. Our partnership has 

                                               expanded to include supplying the children with Bibles. 

                                               Periodically, ​we ​provide support for a full Christian service that includes the adults in

the village. They all get the 

opportunity to hear  praise and

worship, preaching and a hot meal.

This is only the beginning of our

journey. Working with Shumaila and

her team in Pakistan, our future plans

include providing much needed clothing,

shoes, toiletries and fresh  water.

Our vision is to  build water filtration

and treatment  facilities for 11-4L

and create greater educational 

opportunities for children to bring

them out of poverty and give them

a  brighter future. This could include

building a school and creating an

education fund. We hope you will join

​us in the journey!

Monte de Horeb Ministries in Honduras:

In November 2020, Faith Community Church embarked

upon a new ministry opportunity -- to support Mike and

Ginger Green and their ministry team in Pavana,

Honduras that allows North Americans to work alongside 

local Honduran churches in bringing glory to Jesus Christ.

Our involvement began through the support of Barbara

Krauss. It is her heart's desire to provide families in

Honduras with the gospel and a home to live. We have

created a fund in Barb's honor to support missions in

Honduras. This fund supports the Green's ministry to

provide short-term mission trip opportunities for teams to

be witnesses for Jesus Christ, while building homes for

Honduran families. The people and families they help are

usually living in housing that is either adobe, stick built, plastic, or they do not have a                                                                                           home at all. As ministry leaders,                                                                                          the Greens validate property                                                                                                ownership prior to the ministry team                                                                                     constructing a home, and partner                                                                                         with Honduran churches and                                                                                                members of the community along                                                                                         the way.  The cost for a team to                                                                                           build a home is $3,000, which                                                                                               includes all materials to build a                                                                                             block home with a concrete floor,                                                                                         roof, 2 doors, and 2 windows.                                                                                               Contact us to get more information                                                                                     on how to support this ministry, or to                                                                                     organize a team and join us in                                                                                             building a home for a Honduran                                                                                           family.

The Morlang Family - Jen, Garrett, Jake and Bill

Missionaries in Papua New Guinea:

Bill & Jen Morlang, along with their sons Garrett and Jake, are currently serving in Papua New Guinea as missionaries. Their oldest son, Garrett, recently graduated from Numonohi Christian Academy located in the heart of the Eastern Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea. While Jake will be returning to Numonohi Christian Academy in the fall, Garrett will be attending New Tribes Bible Institute in Waukesha, WI. Please support them with prayer and if possible, donations which can be made through Faith Community Church.

Faith Community impacts the world through the efforts of our indigenous global partners who are multiplying disciples and meeting spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of our brothers and sister in third world countries through various community development initiatives as church planting, refugee care, child sponsorship, pastor training / equipping, delivering fresh water, business development, education, and more.

Mike and Ginger Green


Shumaila Yousaf

Repairers of the Breach